Fuelling American Infatuation

It seems that more and more the world is becoming infatuated with everything American - their movies, their fashions and of course their cars. This can be seen especially in the limousine industry with the introduction of the Hummer limos - the H2 and H3 and now the one of a kind Gargoyle hummer limousine.

It is this infatuation with American cars which has lead a local finance dealer to take on a new business venture by offering finance, solely to American vehicle owners. American Car Finance is only in its second year of operation but is expecting to double its business by the end of this year.

Setting up a finance company which specialises in left hand drive vehicles was found to be the best way to go after researching the limousine industry. Limo hire companies were found to need a specialist finance company because limo hire companies rarely buy their limousines with cash and limousine sales and finance are a specialist niche market and need different knowledge and attention.

Financing limousines is also hard because very few banks want to provide the money because they see limousines a high risk vehicle and venture, however, once limousines are up and running, their work pays for the limousine anyway.

The world of asset finance has previously been a hindrance to the limousine industry, however, having a specialist American limousine finance company has helped make finance easier to obtain and easier to understand. With more new, unique and head turning American limousines being financed in the UK, the limousine industry will really be able to take off.

Also, if limousine hire companies are able to grow and expand, the UK may even see franchised limo hire companies in the near future. With all of the new regulations and monitoring of the industry, it will be a low risk, easy to maintain business.

For more information about American limousines available for hire in your area, contact the Limo Hire Company now.

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