Stranded Passengers

A company in Philadelphia has found that it is not only passengers who can be affected by dodgy limo hire companies. A travel company called was organising a trip for some of their customers but at the last minute found they needed another vehicle. So they called White Cloud Limo who promised to provide the extra vehicle.

However, a few days before the trip was set to leave, White Cloud Limos cancelled their promised vehicle because of mechanical problems. Unfortunately for, they had already paid a 50% deposit and have only seen a fraction of that money returned to them after the cancelled vehicle.

White Cloud Limos has been disappointing its passengers and customers consistently and the New Jersey Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs have all received complaints about the company and its service, or lack there of.

The owner of White Cloud Limos is unfortunately hard to pin down with numerous addresses and a habit for not returning phone calls.

Therefore, it is not only passengers who deal with limo hire companies who need to be wary of untrustworthy operators, it is also limo hire companies which source vehicles from other companies to help fill orders.

However, used another limo hire company as a once off service. The limo hire companies which are brokers do through checks on the limo hire companies they deal with and put their members through testing and continuous regulation.

Limo hire companies which act as brokers do so to provide their customers with a wider range of services and products and they want to make sure they can follow through with what they are promising.

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