Limousine Licensing and Regulations

When you are ringing around the limo hire companies in the UK to find just the right limo for your special occasion, it may feel like you have talked to hundreds of limo hire companies about thousands of limos. Well it is quite possible that you have.

An analysis and licensing of the limousine and private hire car industry in the UK has been conducted since 2001. The licensing began in 2001 with private hire operators, or limo hire companies. 2003 saw the licensing of private hire drivers, or chauffeurs and recently licensing of the 37,000 private hire vehicles in London has been completed.

The licensing strategy is set to make it easier for passengers to identify legal private hire cars and avoid the untrustworthy operators. Transport for London has been conducting this licensing initiative as a way to catalogue the operators in London and assess them for safety and reliability.

Undergoing a systematic licensing means that the private hire car industry and the limousine hire companies in the UK will be regulated and kept under a stricter watch to ensure passenger safety.

Licensing of the entire private car hire industry also means that there are more requirements for hire companies entering and remaining in the industry. Therefore, hire companies which were previously running without proper licensing and inspections will have to either make a serious commitment to providing safe and reliable service or they will be forced to leave the industry.

However, while licensing and regulations for the hire car industry have now become compulsory and regulated, many hire companies were already operating legally and safely by running their business with care and consideration for their passengers and the public.

So to hire a fully licensed and regulated limousine for your next special occasion or big night out, contact us now.