Chauffeur - Top Job

Being a chauffeur is a tough and demanding job, however, you often have the opportunity to meet some interesting as well as very powerful people. It is not something you think about, but everyone has to get where they are going, and if they can afford it, they generally don't bother with driving themselves.

The rich and powerful have other things that need to be done while in their limousine and can't concern themselves with driving. They may be making phone calls, sending emails or having a meeting and therefore rely on their chauffeur to get them to their next meeting or greeting on time and in one piece.

The Lord Mayor of Leicester has recently conducted a search for a new chauffeur who can be trusted, as well as attend to every possible need, quickly and competently.

However, not only does the chauffeur to the Lord Mayor need to have extensive driving and chauffeur experience, the job of the chauffeur also extends to require a knowledge of basic car maintenance, Civic protocol, administration and clerical skills, computer software and interpersonal skills.

It is also the job of the chauffeur to know their way around the area they are working and know the local issues and hindrances of the roads.

So not only is the role of a chauffeur one of opening doors and packing luggage, there are a number of additional skills such as administration and local knowledge, which separate the good chauffeurs from the excellent chauffeurs.

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