Chauffeurs Might Be In It for the Fame

Chauffeurs Might Be In It for the Fame

Being a chauffeur sounds like a glamorous job; you get to drive in luxury cars, be part of weddings, photo shoots, marketing campaigns or important meetings and you get to meet famous, important and powerful people.

However, being a chauffeur also means being professional about what you do. A chauffeur does not only have to drive a luxury car, but they have to do it well, they have to make sure they can drive smoothly and safely, so much so that their passengers shouldn't even know when the limo is moving and when it is not and they should not feel the movement around corners or over uneven roads.

A chauffeur also has to be courteous and at the service of their passengers to open doors, pick them up from wherever they need to be picked up, provide advice, ideas and directions when requested and most of all be tactful.

A chauffeur who is in the job for glamour and the fame of their passengers is not going to be a successful or professional chauffeur. If a chauffeur is in it for the fame, they will be chatting unsolicited to their famous and important passengers, gushing over the classy restaurants or high profile events they are transporting their passengers to and they will not have their passenger's needs as their top priority.

Chauffeur's who are in it for the fame may also share important travel, destination or conversation information about their famous passengers with their colleagues, their boss, or even worse, their family and friends. A chauffeur is trusted to be private and confidential and to respect any information they may pick up from their passengers and not share it with anyone.

Limo hire companies need to beware of chauffeurs who are in it for the fame as while they will be enthusiastic about the job and their role, they will not give the limo hire company a good reputation, and they can in turn lose a lot of business.