Changes to Rates of Limo Hire

When you are booking a limousine it is important that you give the limo hire company all of the details of your hire or event, not only so that they can ensure you have everything you could possibly need, but also because no two runs are the same and therefore, not charged at the same price.

An airport run for example can often utilise a long wheelbase sedan limousine and use less fuel, as well as being able to easily zip through the airport traffic and into hotel car parks with ease. As a result, hiring a limousine for an airport transfer is cheaper than hiring a limousine for a night out with the girls. This is not just because of the limousine used, but also because of the time it takes.

However, it also depends on the limousine hire company you are booking with as they may not have a fleet with both super stretch limos and standard luxury cars and so are not able to cut into a block of time and use their stretch limos of a short airport transfer, when they could book them out for the whole night. This is why it is important to find the right limo hire company to ensure you get the best help in your enquiry and the best service on the night.

It is also important to understand that no two limousine runs are the same and that the limousine company has experience with a variety of runs and if they quote a different price for an airport transfer as compared to a girls' night out, it is because the requirements are different. Limousine hire companies constantly deal with customers who will ask for a quote on the lower rate of hire and then reveal that their event is more complicated or is a different run to their original request.

Passengers must understand that limousines are a luxury item in a service industry and while everyone is welcome to enjoy this luxury, not at the expense of misleading your limo hire company.