Bentley Hire - Nationwide

Bentley are perfect automobile embodiments of British style, class and sophistication. Each Bentley is constructed with individual care and attention, making Bentley limousines sought after, the world over.

Bentley's Flying Spur is a unique luxury car, as not only is it fully equipped with all of the features you would expect of a modern limousine, it can also rival most sports cars on the market too. For this reason, the Continental GT is great to drive and great to be driven in, as stars from Ben Affleck to Cher have found with their Bentley's.

The Flying Spur really does seem to fly on the power of the first Bentley 12 cylinder engine. It is all wheel drive, has a top speed of 198mph and a six speed automatic transmission with wheel mounted gearshift option. However, the Bentley engineers and designers haven't simply shoved a huge engine into a luxury car and called it the Flying Spur. They have carefully designed and considered the best and most practical way to fit the larger more powerful engine into the body of the GT, without compromising the trademark look of the Bentley range.

Then, once the designers had fitted the engine, the turbo chargers and the all wheel drive components under the characteristically short bonnet, they also had to adapt the differentials and the drive shafts to ensure the Bentley was crash efficient and that all of the components under the bonnet had enough space and air flow to operate to their highest capacity.

Bentley markets their Continental GT as the fastest four passenger vehicle, without scrimping on the comfort and extras.

Because of the need to compact the engine and under-bonnet components into such a small space, this freed up extra room for passengers to ensure that no matter where or how far the Bentley is going, all four of its passengers are comfortable and cared for.

Special attention was also given to the seating of the GT as the designers found that a more upright and higher driving position gives more room for the driver and passenger's limbs to find a natural and comfortable position.

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