Keeping Kids Occupied

Are you dreading the school holidays and desperately trying to come up with new and exciting activities to keep your kids occupied and out of your hair while they're at home?

So are all the other parents out there, therefore rustle up your kids and even bring their friends along for a scavenger hunt with a difference. This school holidays give your children a chance to get out of the house, use their imaginations, their problem solving skills and their pent up energy on a limousine scavenger hunt.

While the kids do get mental stimulation from some of their computer and video games, it is always a fight to get them to go outside and get some fresh air. Therefore, they have all this extra energy they normally would have used up at lunch time at school and are running through the kitchen when you are trying to cook dinner!

A limousine scavenger hunt will teach your kids about their area and how to negotiate their neighbourhood streets as well as compose and give directions to the chauffeur.

You can make up clues about topics they are learning about at school, maths problems they have to solve to move to the next destination or questions about the neighbourhood, for example ‘what is the name of the street running at a right angle to the park?'

Also, making the limousine scavenger hunt a group activity with your child's friends too, means that the kids can spend time together and you know what they are up to and that they aren't getting into any mischief.

So for a unique holiday activity for your children and their friends which will give them the opportunity to get out of the house, learn new things and work as a team, hire a limousine for a one of a kind scavenger hunt. The prize can then be dinner at your child's favourite restaurant, arriving in a chauffeur driven limousine of course.

For more information or to book a limousine for a school holiday scavenger hunt, contact Limo Broker now.

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