Royal Ascot Information

The Royal Ascot is the premier event on the UK race calendar. The 2006 Royal ascot was held in June and Her Majesty the Queen officially opened the new racecourse for this year's event. The racecourse has recently undergone major redevelopments, making way for the most exciting and dramatic racing event ever.

The Royal Ascot races is one of the busiest times for Limo Broker as many people want to arrive at a sophisticated and stylish event such as the races, in the correct manner - a chauffeur driven limousine.

Racegoers get out their best hats, dresses, heels and suits for the event and while they are treating themselves to an indulgent day of drinking, betting and socialising, they also treat themselves to a limousine.

However, because of the number of racegoers who use limousines to get to Royal Ascot, there is often a congestion of limousines and chauffeurs. Chauffeurs also find that there is no organisation of the parking or limousine area and so some major changes were made at Royal Ascot this year to incorporate the chauffeurs and their limos.

However, chauffeurs still found that there were no refreshments provided for them during their wait. They were however happy to be back at Berkshire after the Royal Ascot was held in York in 2005. The event in York proved to highlight the problems with the road systems in the area and alternative routes to the race were not found in time to ease congestion at last year's event. Limousine operators also found there was a dip in bookings for the York race in 2005 compared to the return to normal this year.

So, while the Royal Ascot has finished, there are still a number of race meets on for the remainder of the year. For more information or to book a limo for a trip to the races, call the Limo Hire Company now and arrive in style.