World Cup Limo

While hiring a limousine to get you and your mates to your favourite sporting event in style and comfort is a great idea, it is not often you are sponsored to go to a football match in a limousine, least of all a World Cup football match.

Well that is just what some lucky football fans did at the most recent World Cup in Germany. A group of fans were chauffeured from the coast at Eastbourne all the way to Germany in a 40 foot stretch Hummer H2.

The Chauffeur is a trade magazine in Sussex and sponsored the limo to take a car full of fans all the way to the World Cup in style. The Hummer limousine was fully equipped with a laser show, DVD players, a stereo system almost as big as the Hummer itself, and a fully stocked bar.

The Hummer stretch limo was also decked out with a picture of the 1966 World Cup final on the side to make sure that everyone took notice of this unique monster of a limousine.

However, while the hype and excitement of the World Cup is gone for another four years, it doesn't mean you can't still hire a limousine to take you and a few friends to some football games right here in the UK in the meantime.

Hiring a limousine to get you to your favourite sporting event means you don't have to worry about missing the beginning of the game because you were trying to find a park and you also don't have to worry if you get a bit carried away with a celebratory drink either because your chauffeur is your designated driver for the night.

So while you are waiting for the World Cup to visit our shores, contact Limo Broker about hiring a limousine to take you to your favourite sporting event in the nearer future.