Safety is Stretched to the Limit

Super stretch limos are gaining popularity by the second and it is not hard to see why. Not only are they equipped with everything you could possibly need for a big night out, they also turn the head of even the most cynical passerby, ensuring you make a first impression which lasts long after the sound of the stereo has faded away.

However, many stretch limousines are made from ordinary luxury cars and in the case of the Hummers and Navigators, from SUVs; so when these vehicles are stretched they are cut open, extended and shut again.

Unfortunately, when a normal vehicle is extended to be used as a stretch limousine, there are many other safety and manufacturing requirements which must be met before they are safe to carry the extra weight of the extra passengers and the extra body.

Luxury car manufacturers Lincoln and Cadillac actually produce vehicles especially for conversion into stretch limousines. They also train and monitor certified coach builders who are either a Lincoln Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) or a Cadillac Master Coachbuilder (CMC).

The QVMs and the CMCs ensure that the safety standards and the interior and exterior styling of the vehicles reflect positively on Lincoln and Cadillac while also ensuring passenger safety.

However, other car manufacturers aren't so accommodating and AM General, who make the Hummer H1 and H2, as well as Chrysler, actually frown on the stretching of their vehicles. As a result these companies void the warranties of their vehicles which have been stretched.

While the braking and steering components of the cars will be affected by the extra size and weight, there are no reports in the industry that show any of the stretch vehicles have been involved in a serious accident. What we should be worried about though is how these stretched cars would handle an accident or even a near accident.

There are however, many certified coach builders who are working on the stretched limos. When converting a luxury car or SUV without stretching guidelines, they follow those of Ford or General Motors to ensure safety.

Therefore, when you next go to hire a super stretch limo, make sure you find out about who and how the vehicle was stretched.

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