Limousine News: Prom Bust

With prom season drawing to a close, it is worrying to hear of the extensive police raids and actions during a bust of prom limousines in the Westchester area. The results of the busts have revealed a high number of limo hire companies operating without the proper licensing, as well as allowing underage drinking in their limousines.
Most high school students are so excited about their prom and have dreams of arriving in a sleek limousine to the envy of all of their friends. However, in this excitement, they often forget to properly check the limo hire company they are hiring from and the result is that they are transported to their prom in an unsafe limousine.

Sixty-five proms were targeted in the Westchester area with limousines and party buses found to be serving alcohol, allowing alcohol in their limos, operating without proper licensing, transporting more than the legal number of passengers and driving unsafe vehicles.

An extreme case was found where police stopped a limousine on its way to a prom to find a 16 year old girl unconscious in the back due to alcohol poisoning. The girl and her classmates were taken to hospital where they were treated.

While these US police uncovered extreme cases, it simply means that when hiring a limousine for your prom, make sure you check the limo hire company's history, licensing and reputation.

If your children are ringing around limo hire companies looking for transport for their prom, make sure they are asking the right questions and they aren't being taken advantage of just because they are young.

There are many limo hire companies in the UK who transport numerous young party goers and strictly enforce a ‘no drugs and alcohol' rule in their limos. So while the limo hire company may be trustworthy, you can also make sure your children aren't being misled by their classmates.

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