Limousine Industry vs Taxi Industry

Limos vs Taxis

With the expansion of the limousine industry, not just here but across the world, there are new issues arising each day concerning limo hire companies, chauffeurs and the industry in general which were not considered when limousines were used primarily for business meetings and airport transfers.

So varied and often complicated are the issues of the limousine industry in Nevada, that the Transport Services Authority (TSA) operates to look after the rights of the limo hire companies, as well as keep them in line.

The TSA deals with all of the transport services, except the taxi industry which is looked after by the Taxicab Authority (TA). When limousines first went from transporting business people to being used for hen's nights and proms, there were huge issues between the taxi industry and the limousine industry. The TSA in Nevada found that there was infighting over passengers and fares.

Therefore, limousines were prohibited from staging within 40 feet of a taxi stand to keep a recognisable point of difference between the two industries. While limousines were becoming more popular and used by more people, they are still vastly different from taxis which are used for general transport, while limousines are hired because of their differences in services from taxis.

However, when limousine companies are fighting each other and the taxi industry for business, it creates a saturation of the market. There are too many limo hire companies and not enough customers and so they are forced to compete for business which would normally go to taxi drivers.

Nevada has seen this saturation, and they have noticed that during these times, the safety standards and regulations of the limo hire companies drop significantly. Because the smaller businesses are forced to compete with the larger ones, they neglect the issues like safety checks and insurance.

However, Nevada has seen an increase in the tourist population since 2003 and this has helped with the competition between the limo industry and the taxis, as well as helping the smaller limo companies get ahead.

Overall though, the issues facing the taxi industry and the limo industry are vastly different. The limo industry has to deal with consistent service requirements and higher wages for their chauffeurs, while the taxi industry is more of an ‘impulse buy' and you expect to get what you pay for.

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