Limo Lawsuit

Over ten years ago, a limousine crash left three passengers severely injured, with one ex-Red Wings player and the team's masseuse suffering permanent, disabling brain injuries. The injured limousine passengers are now bringing a suit against the limousine hire company and jury selection has just been completed for the lawsuit trial.

The trial began with the jury selection and opening statements the following day. The entire trial is expected to take around three weeks. The accident occurred when the players and their masseuse were being driven home from a party and their chauffeur lost control of the limousine.

None of the three men were wearing seatbelts, but one player, Slava Fetisov, was lucky enough to escape with minor injuries and return to the game. Vladimir Konstantinov and the team masseuse, Sergei Mnatsakanov sued the Ohio Ford dealership which sold the limousine. However, the dealership has said it shouldn't be held responsible as they are not the ones who built the limousine.

The trial will continue and hopefully the message which emerges at its conclusion is not one which encourages an even more litigious society (if that's possible) but one which encourages people, regardless of their celebrity or their position, to take responsibility for their own actions. Hopefully the message will also be clear that just because a limousine ride seems special and different, it is not so different that you shouldn't still wear your seatbelt for the best protection.

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