Limo Kidnapper

Limousine hire company operators and chauffeurs are not always reliable and trustworthy, and often they have problems of their own too. Unfortunately, the owner of a Cherry Hill limousine hire company was unable to deal with his problems in a way which didn't involve harming his girlfriend and terrorising his child.

In December 2006, limousine hire company operator John G. Dellobuono kidnapped his former girlfriend and their then nine month old son and until last week was looking at a 40 year sentence in the state prison. However, he has now pleaded guilty to the kidnapping, and a conspiracy to murder charge, and his sentence has now been reduced to 13 years.

Dellobuono admitted that he had restrained his girlfriend in his home and stabbed her repeatedly while she held their son in her arms. The couple had a history of domestic violence disputes and another condition of his sentence bars Dellobuono from any contact with his former girlfriend.

In planning the attack, Dellobuono had directed an employee from his limousine hire company to follow his girlfriend and had also paid a locksmith to change the locks on his house so she could not return. Dellobuono had also installed surveillance cameras inside his home and these cameras captured him dragging his girlfriend down the stairs and with the tape and the woman's testimony, the case can go to trial.

The limousine hire company employee who was tracking the woman actually called the police to his boss' home where they found the woman and her child covered with blood, the child unharmed, and the stab wounds were not life threatening. While being held in the country jail, Dellobuono then conspired with another employee from his limo hire company to have his ex-girlfriend killed, however the ‘employee' was actually an undercover police officer and Dellobuono simply added more charges to his case.