Limo Job Cuts

With economic uncertainty, pressure or whatever else the media wants to call the current situation which is effecting almost everyone in every part of the world at the moment, it is no surprise that some limo hire companies are feeling this ‘pressure'. With less money in general, many people have even less money to spend on luxuries, if at all, and this often includes limo hire.

While limousines are not out of favour or off the roads all together, people are downsizing their limo choices in an effort to still enjoy a fun night out, but at a little less of an expense. So the news coming from the US that one of their major limo hire companies, BostonCoach has cut 45 jobs, is not a huge surprise.

BostonCoach has actually had to close down a whole call centre and in turn the employees at this centre have lost their jobs. While the close of the centre was executed in order to send the calls to a different call monitoring system with a bigger phone bank, the limo hire company has still had to cut their costs. The switch to the bigger phone bank will allow for easier distribution when a rush of calls is received, making it easier for the limo hire company to respond and be more efficient.

While downsizing their company and employees slightly, the limo hire company is confident that they are faring better than many of their other industry competitors with the rising fuel prices and the fall in limo hire demands. So while we all deal with the effects of the struggling local and global economy is having on our everyday lives, many limo hire companies are reassessing the way they do business.

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