New VOSA Facilities

The Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA) is the agency which tests and screens vehicles and issues licenses with regard to the vehicle's weight, size and intended use.

The VOSA is very important in the limousine industry as many Police and officials are not completely familiar with the details of the laws regarding limousine licensing and passengers and it is the VOSA which keeps us all safe and protected.

As part of a nationwide modernisation program, the VOSA has just completed its largest refurbishment ever at its Goods Vehicle Test Station (GVTS) in Leeds. The upgrade is part of a modernisation program aimed at providing the testing stations with modern facilities which fulfil the customer's requirements.

The upgrade of the centre was so extensive that the Leeds station was closed for six months during which time the test station has been remodelled and the test hall and offices demolished and replaced with structures which incorporate functionality with the latest design and construction techniques.

The test station doors were also raised which means that now all vehicles can be tested undercover and the pits in the test lanes have been enlarged. There is also new runway-type lighting at the start of the test lanes to ensure better visibility.

The Leeds test station also includes an internally fitted weighbridge to aid roadside inspections and ease of customer service.

The revamp of the test station is set to ensure that while testing and checking your limousine may be a hassle, the actual testing process doesn't have to be. This aims to encourage more limo hire companies and chauffeurs to do the right thing and have their limousine checked and endorsed regularly.

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