Limousine for the Chauffeur...

A good ride in a limousine depends largely on your chauffeur. There are certain things you expect, like the chauffeur to open the door for you and for him to be quick in responding to directions and requests. However, if your limousine was not built with the comfort of the chauffeur in mind as well as the passengers, your chauffeur may be less than happy about driving you anywhere, or helping you out.

Lexus understand that the limousine is a chauffeur's office, desk and workplace and must be comfortable and intuitive to their needs. The new Lexus LS460 was recently unveiled at the Limousine and Chauffeur Show in September, ready for release in November. The new Lexus is a long wheelbase model meaning not only more room for the passengers, but more room for the limousine chauffeur too.

The LS460 has a 4.6 litre engine, powered by the world's first eight speed automatic transmission. There are also a number of new safety features which make driving, reversing and parking easier than ever. The safety features of the LS460 are not only designed to protect the passengers and chauffeur in case of a crash, they are also able to minimise the chance of an accident in the first place.

The Lexus limousine also has driver convenience features such as a navigation system which broadcasts live traffic updates, an almost automatic parking system and a power parking brake with hill holder or stop light anti-roll back option.

The minute your chauffeur slides behind the wheel of the new Lexus limousine, they will relax and remember once again the pleasures of driving. Since a chauffeur drives as a career, all day everyday, they don't want to have to worry about all the little things like parking and braking, they just want to enjoy the plush and comfortable surroundings and make sure they can help to make their passengers' day or night out, extra special.

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