Chauffeur Industry is now an International Industry

Limousine & Chauffeur Industry - International Industry

Most things in the 21st century, are international, globalised and super speedy. The limousine industry is no different and this is what makes it so progressive, exciting and innovative.

It is the new, exciting and different which catch our interest and imagination. We find it in every aspect of our lives that if we are looking for something unique and different, our first impression is to look for something foreign.

Our mouths water over French champagne and Italian desserts and our credit cards burn a hole in our purses when we see the newest fashions from Europe and America. So it is no surprise that this fascination will all that is foreign stretches to cars as well.

The search for new and exciting vehicles can be seen most predominantly in the limousine industry because while many people could never be able to own their own imported luxury car or limousine, the numerous limousine hire companies in the UK make it simple for anyone to hire a German, French or American limousine for a special night out.

This international infatuation is more and more prevalent each year at the Limousine and Chauffeur Show. Exhibitors include limousine manufacturers, coach builders and limo hire companies from across the UK and Europe, all showcasing their latest and greatest products and releases.

The Limo Show exhibitors have found year after year that not only do their sales increase after being at the show, so does the reach of their product and company. Many exhibitors see new sales and regular markets occurring in Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Dubai and Eastern Europe, thanks to the exposure of the Limo Show in London.

So, while we patriotically enjoy and admire the styling of the limousines to come out of the UK, the foreign limousine companies can't wait to get their hands on our classy Rolls-Royce's and sleek and Stylish Bentley's.

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