Cher Bentley

While many of us get rid of things we don't need or use when we are renovating, to either make space or get a bit of extra cash for the new carpets, our unwanted items will rarely bring us anywhere near $1 million.

This is the estimate of the total Cher will make from auctioning off her personal items this week. Among the items being auctioned are dresses and designs from her performances and 1970s TV show ‘The Sonny and Cher Show', furniture and personal items, and even a pair of Sonny's fur boots. While some of the money from the auction will go to charity, the rest will be used to complete renovations on her mansion in Malibu.

Cher is also putting up her black Bentley coupe for auction and the cars of the stars are always popular, especially when they are of stylish and quality production like the Bentley range.

Many stars and celebrities use limousines and luxury cars to get them to premiers and events and they only choose the best of the best to get them where they are going in style.

This is just another example of the infatuation with everything foreign. Cher, an American singer and actress was, until recently, driving around in a British luxury car, yet here in the UK, we are obsessed with the American limousines and Hummers.

However, there are also plenty of Bentley and Rolls-Royce limousines hired in the UK for weddings and prom nights, so while we are fascinated by the foreign limousines and luxury cars, we are also loyal to the understated style and luxury which is embodied in the British limousines.

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