Automatic Luxury Cars Retain Value

Automatic Luxury

We all know that it is a real treat and a great way to travel to be driven in a chauffeur driven limousine. You don't have to worry about traffic, stopping and starting, gear changes and hill starts.

However, there are also many people who buy luxury limousines as their everyday cars and they still want this feeling of relaxation, even though they are driving themselves. Then there are the chauffeurs who drive limousines all day and drive cars as a career. These people are therefore influencing a swing towards automatic cars, helping them retain their value longer than manuals.

In particular, automatic vehicles retaining their value are luxury cars and limousines because you can simply get into the car and drive and not have to worry about a clutch pedal, a gear stick, changing gears or rolling back at the lights.

This shift has been prevalent for the last two years and is widening the gap significantly between the value of automatic and manual luxury cars. The value retention of automatic cars is also an incentive for turn over, as when they go to be sold, there is less of a loss.

The popularity of automatic luxury cars is also due to the advancements in automatic transmission technology which are now able to boost fuel economy and the overall driving dynamics. As well as reducing fuel costs at the gearbox stage, limo hire companies and fleet buyers are now also looking for diesel vehicles to reduce running costs.

So when you are being chauffeured around, doesn't it make sense that your chauffeur should be able to do everything they can to make their job of driving in a variety of traffic and weather conditions easier?